Growing ‘the Sauvignon Blanc’ of cannabis

Medical cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and Puro is ready to grow. In December 2020 we will plant over 60,000 medical cannabis seeds and seedlings at our Kekerengu farm.

Puro has:

  • An expert team, including global authority on cannabis cultivation, Australian Churchill Fellowship recipient Tom Forrest.
  • Supply agreements with local and overseas buyers.
  • The licences we need to research, import seeds and grow commercially outdoors.
  • A world-leading research programme that will enable us to develop and register bespoke cultivars, including university partnerships.
  • A genuine commitment to organic cultivation, sustainability and kaitiakitanga.

We're setting out to be the very best

Puro brings together nature and science to grow some of the World's very best medical cannabis.

"Kekerengu will be re-generative agriculture, sustainable and certified organic. I am not aware of any other farm worldwide achieving this level of ethical cultivation and sustainability."

Tom Forrest, Churchill Fellow