No one grows like Puro

We are New Zealand's largest grower of medical cannabis, and are poised to become one of the world’s biggest large-scale organic growers.

We are focused on growing premium and pure medical cannabis – indoors and outdoors.

In late 2020 we began planting 10ha of medical cannabis plants outdoors at our Kēkerengū farm on the Kaikoura Coast, and we will begin hand-harvesting these in March 2021. Our indoor plants are grown in our high security research facility at Waihopai in Marlborough, and are a mixture of CBD and THC plants.

Puro's truly premium product will be sold to pharmaceutical and extraction partners in New Zealand and overseas.

We're setting out to be the very best

Puro brings together nature and science to grow some of the World's very best medical cannabis.

"Kekerengu will be re-generative agriculture, sustainable and certified organic. I am not aware of any other farm worldwide achieving this level of ethical cultivation and sustainability."

Tom Forrest, Churchill Fellow