Growing the future

Puro New Zealand Limited is a large scale grower of premium medical cannabis - we expect to become New Zealand’s biggest cultivator.

Our two sites in Marlborough have unique microclimates that will enable us to grow the very best products to enhance the lives of those suffering debilitating pain and medical conditions. We are here to make a difference.

We have the sites, the buyers, the partners and the licence – we are ready to grow. To help us get there we have raised $4million on PledgeMe - the highest amount ever raised by crowdfunding in New Zealand. The money we have raised has been used to build our research centre and initial growing facilities.

Our reason for being

Puro will bring together nature and science to grow the very best medical cannabis and low-THC hemp.

"Medical cannabis gave me some quality of life back, I cannot wait to see the industry take off in New Zealand. Its potential is enormous."

Angela, Canterbury