About Us

Our Journey

Puro is New Zealand's largest cultivator of premium medical cannabis, dedicated to growing sustainably and organically under the pure New Zealand sun.

Puro has two premium growing sites in Marlborough - with high-CBD and CBG certified organic medical cannabis growing at our Kēkerengū site and high-THC plants growing at our research centre and breeding facility in Waihopai.

We have constructed New Zealand's largest medical cannabis drying facility at Kēkerengu and are one of only a few accredited large-scale organic growers worldwide.

Our Niche

Puro is a specialist contract grower, our niche is cultivation, seed production and cannabis genetic breeding and research. We sell pharmaceutical grade cannabis to extraction partners and GMP manufacturers in NZ and globally.

Puro’s two growing sites are located in Marlborough New Zealand, producing full spectrum indoor manicured THC and CBD flower, and outdoor CBD and CBG flower and biomass for medicines manufacture.  These sites have been handpicked for the high sunshine hours and intense UV ratings that the region offers.

We have also assembled a formidable and diverse team with expertise in business, finance, governance, farming, organics and cannabis cultivation. We are backed by an internationally experienced agronomy team, with global experts on cannabis cultivation at our side.

Our Achievements

November 2018

Puro founded

After years of meticulous research and planning, Puro is born along with the vision to grow premium medical cannabis, organically and sustainably.


March 2019

Land secured

Puro secures long-term leases on two premium growing sites – an outdoor growing site at Kēkerengū, north of Kaikoura, and an indoor growing site in the Waihopai Valley, Blenheim. 


November 2019

$4m raised

Puro sets the Australasian crowd-funding record, raising $4 million on PledgeMe in just four weeks. This achievement still holds the record for the highest ever equity crowdfunding campaign in New Zealand and Australia.


August 2020

Commercial licences granted

The Ministry of Health grants Puro the licences required to import cannabis seed and start commercial cannabis cultivation at both its Waihopai and Kēkerengu sites.


August 2020

Construction of research facility

Puro’s research headquarters now has a home, with its research facility built at Waihopai Valley. This facility will host Puro’s Cultivar Breeding Programme, to be overseen by AbacusBio.


December 2020

High-THC medical cannabis varieties planted at research facility

Puro’s research facility is now operational, with high-THC cannabis varieties planted. In the future a mixture of high-THC and high-CBD medical cannabis varieties will grow at this indoor research site.


December 2020

New Zealand’s largest drying facility constructed at Kēkerengū

A specialist medical cannabis drying facility is constructed at Puro’s Kēkerengū site. At nearly 1,000 square metres it is New Zealand’s largest cannabis drying facility and is home to specialist equipment, imported by Puro for the specific purpose of drying cannabis for pharmaceutical supply.


December 2020

Ten hectares of high-CBD and CBG medical cannabis planted in Kēkerengū – New Zealand’s largest crop of medical cannabis

A massive milestone for New Zealand’s emerging cannabis industry, as Puro starts growing cannabis on a scale never seen before in New Zealand. Planting the equivalent of 10 rugby fields of cannabis requires Puro to import specific planting equipment, including bed-formers and New Zealand’s only specialised cannabis transplanter.


March 2021

New Zealand’s first large-scale commercial cannabis harvest begins

It’s all hands on deck as Puro begins the task of harvesting tens of thousands of cannabis plants from its outdoor site at Kēkerengū. More than 40 workers are expected to be on site during the peak of the harvest, which is being carried out completely by hand. After the plants are harvested they will be dried, processed and packaged at Puro’s specialist cannabis drying facility.


April 2021

$2m raised

Puro’s second capital raise is a success, with the $2 million target met. The funds will enable the fit-out of Puro’s breeding facility, which will sit alongside the research facility at its Waihopai Valley site.


May 2021

First Indoor THC and 1:1 THC:CBD Harvest

Puro’s first indoor harvest at its Waihopai facility, with incredible detail measured on this first round of plant phenotypes. Cultivar variances are being documented to steer ongoing selection decisions.


November 2021

New Breeding and Nursery Facilities Operational

Puro’s state-of-the-art breeding facility at Waihopai is complete. The building will enable Puro to build a breeding programme producing the very best cultivars for New Zealand conditions. Meanwhile in Kēkerengū tens of thousands of plants are germinating in Puro’s new on-site nursery facility.


December 2021

Puro gains organic status – Australasia’s largest organic grower

Puro is granted BioGro Organic status for its outdoor cultivation at Kēkerengū, making it one of the world’s largest producers of organic medical cannabis and the only organic grower in Australasia.


January 2022

Landmark supply agreement announced with Helius Therapeutics

Puro and Auckland-based Helius Therapeutics sign a multi-million dollar supply agreement. The agreement is NZ's largest to date and will see Puro supplying over 10 tonnes of organic medicinal cannabis to Helius over the next five years.


Our People

Puro has built a formidable team, assembled from diverse backgrounds and industries, each possessing unique and valuable skillsets. 

Our on-the-ground team works alongside key strategic partners and leading international cannabis cultivation experts and researchers – the brightest minds from New Zealand and the world investing their knowledge and experience right here, with Puro.

It’s this team, with our strong culture and unwavering dedication to our mission, which is poised to bring you the world’s very best medical cannabis.

Puro Executive

Puro Management

Our strategic partners:

Our Values

Puro is driven by a clear vision and strong, robust values that underpin all we do. Our culture and ethnical business ethos is been built around tenacity, knowledge, passion and performance. We are focused on achieving excellence in everything we do, for our people, our community and our land. Sustainability and teamwork is a big part of that, and it’s the reason we have taken our organic approach and are on a journey towards regenerative agriculture.

Puro’s culture is summarised by our seven cultural pillars defined as ‘ARTISTS’ – an acronym that captures our values and ethics. It is who we are and what we stand for.

Puro is growing the future. We are pioneering an industry in Aotearoa. Kaitiakitanga, integrity and excellence are in our heart and at the core of everything we do.

Artists (/ˈärdəst/)

– noun: artist;

– Artists — Persons skilled at a particular task or occupation


We work hard, get results and always strive to improve.


We treat everybody in the same way we wish to be treated.


We innovate, adapt and never give up.


We live our values everyday.


We value our peple, our customers and our planet.


We support each other, celebrate wins and have fun.


We protect the safety of our people, our planet and our product.