About us

Puro’s reason for being is simple – to help provide people with the best natural products available to help better their lives.

Our company is driven by the knowledge that medical cannabis makes an immense difference for people suffering a growing number of chronic conditions. 

We're setting out to become New Zealand’s best cultivator of low-THC medical cannabis and hemp, leveraging off our two premium growing sites in Marlborough and New Zealand’s sustainable, ethical and trustworthy global reputation.

Our expert botanists know these sites are ideal for our growing operations with high UV ratings, similar to those in California. Couple that with unique topography and richly fertile land and you have a recipe to grow some of the world’s highest-grade medical cannabis.

Puro’s team consists of professionals in farming and horticulture, business and investment. 

We have the expertise to achieve our mission.

"In his final days, my 77 year old Dad was in agony with extreme nausea and pain. Nothing the hospital prescribed would work. In the end, he tried some marijuana and it was amazing - he was finally able to relax. I cannot wait to see medical cannabis become more widely available in New Zealand."

Meg, North Canterbury

Our Values