About Us

Puro is New Zealand's largest cultivator of premium medical cannabis, dedicated to growing sustainably and organically under the pure New Zealand sun.

Puro has two premium growing sites in Marlborough - with high-CBD and CBG medical cannabis grown under organic protocols at our Kēkerengū site and high-THC plants growing at our research centre in Waihopai.

We have constructed New Zealand's largest medical cannabis drying facility and, pending organic certification, expect to be one of only a few accredited large-scale organic growers worldwide.

Our Niche

Puro is a specialist contract grower, our niche is cultivation, seed production and cannabis genetic breeding and research. We sell pharmaceutical grade cannabis to extraction partners and GMP manufacturers in NZ and globally.

Our Sites

Puro’s two cultivation facilities are located Marlborough New Zealand, producing full spectrum indoor manicured THC and CBD flower, and outdoor CBD and CBG flower and biomass for medicines manufacture.  

Puro handpicked its sites for the high sunshine hours and intense UV ratings that the region offers. 

Our People

Puro has assembled a formidable and diverse team with expertise in business, finance, governance, farming, organics and cannabis cultivation.

We are backed by an internationally experienced agronomy team, with global experts on cannabis cultivation at our side.

Our Achievements

Over the last two years Puro has built a solid foundation for future growth and success.  We are proud of our team and our achievements to date.

Our Values

Sustainability, integrity and excellence is at the core of everything we do.

Our Culture

Puro is focused on developing a workplace culture that encourages teamwork and the achievement of excellence. The acronym ‘ARTIST’ was developed by our team to capture our culture, values. It is who we are and what we stand for.