About us

Puro is a large scale grower of high potency pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis plants - we expect to become New Zealand’s largest cultivator.

We're setting out to become New Zealand’s best cultivator of medical cannabis, leveraging off our two premium growing sites in Marlborough and New Zealand’s sustainable, ethical and trustworthy global reputation.

We will supply manufacturers, wholesalers, and specialist extraction partners with the specific cannabinoid, terpene and flavour profiles they desire.

Our two sites will be able to produce a wide variety of cannabis products, with the relevant accreditation, traceability and transparency, while utilising a sustainable, organic approach to agriculture that is highly sought after by sophisticated consumers.

We are poised to take advantage of significant national and global demand for medicinal cannabis, and are working with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to secure export opportunities worldwide.

"Our communities and economy need new businesses and employment opportunities. A Marlborough-based business like Puro, capitalising on that opportunity and creating local jobs, deserves to be supported. "

John Leggett, Marlborough Mayor

Our Values