Our Land

Puro is pioneering the New Zealand medical cannabis industry.

Our two sites in Marlborough were handpicked for their unique climates, intense UV ratings and high sunshine hours (an average of 2,457 per year). Cultivating different plant varieties across two distinct sites gives Puro access to unique markets, and different income streams.

We’ve invested in considerable infrastructure at each facility, including the country’s largest drying facility, a research centre and a seed, genetics and breeding facility.

With this natural advantage, world experts by our side and a dedication to growing chemical-free cannabis, organically and sustainably, Puro is producing some of world’s best medical cannabis and is leading the industry with its work in cannabis genetics and seed production.


Winterhome has been farmed by the Macfarlane family for more than 130 years - it is a privilege to be able to access this special place.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this elevated property provides a very special microclimate well suited to growing low-THC hemp in the open air. The coastal location protects plants from frost damage, while the gentle salt spray helps to naturally ward off pests and disease.

Puro is growing organically at Kēkerengū with our crops certified as organic by BioGro in 2021. This makes Puro the only commercial organic grower of medical cannabis in New Zealand and Australia and one of only a handful of internationally-recognised organic growers worldwide.

Puro has now completed its fourth growing season at Kēkerengū, with low-THC crops being planted each Spring and harvested in Autumn. Puro's on-site drying facility is the largest medical cannabis drying and processing facility in New Zealand.

For photos and videos from New Zealand’s Kēkerengū site see our gallery page.

Waihopai Valley

Puro's research and indoor growing site is nestled in a quiet area of the Waihopai Valley in Marlborough. It is here that we are growing our indoor cultivars – plants with high THC, high CBD and an equal mix of THC and CBD.  Our plants are hand-harvested and boutique-dried and will be sold as premium dried manicured flower.

Our Waihopai research facility was opened in 2020 and our purpose-built cannabis seed, genetics and breeding facility opened in 2021.  Combined, this is the biggest, purpose-built facility of its kind in the country.

Puro’s breeding programme is led by global cannabis agronomist and Churchill Fellow Tom Forrest.  

With world-leading genetics, expert knowledge and a data-driven approach, the scene is set for Puro’s Waihopai Valley research and breeding facility to lead the world in cannabis genetics and seed production.

Our Future

Puro has invested significantly over the past five years into infrastructure, production systems, and the quality accreditations required to enter export markets. This provides a strong foundation to build on the growth that we’ve achieved thus far. We anticipate economies of scale and growth to be achieved through expanding production within our established facilities.

The NZ market remains forecast to reach $552m annually at maturity. The Australian market is currently worth an estimated $400m and is reported to be the fastest-growing medicinal cannabis market in the world, expected to reach $A1.9m at maturity. This is comparable to the size of the NZ wine industry.