Our Sites

Puro is one of the first companies in New Zealand to grow low THC and high CBD medical cannabis. Cultivating two very different plant varieties across two distinct sites gives Puro access to two unique markets, and two distinct income streams.

We have handpicked our sites for their high sunshine hours and intense UV ratings - Marlborough has some of the highest UV rates and boast an average of 2,457 sunshine hours per year.

Our location allows us to grow high potency cannabis with truly unique flavour profiles (flavonoids) and terpenes which are essential for ‘the entourage effect’ and highly sought after by buyers.

We will be growing under organic protocols and have commenced the organic certification process for our outdoor crop. Once we achieve organic certification, we anticipate we will be one of a very small number of cultivators worldwide with accreditation - providing us with a highly marketable point of difference.


Winterhome has been farmed by the Macfarlane family for more than 130 years - it is a privilege to be able to access this special place.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, its elevated coastal property provides a very special microclimate well suited to growing low-THC hemp in the open air.

In late 2020 we planted 10 hectares of low-THC medical cannabis plants at Kēkerengū, making Puro the largest medical cannabis grower in the country.

Puro is growing under organic protocols at Kēkerengū, and has commenced the organic certification process for our outdoor crop.

We will manually harvest and boutique-process portions of our organic outdoor top flower - this will give us a truly premium product for local and export markets. This harvest is currently underway, with more than three tonnes of top flower picked to date.

The remainder of our outdoor plants will be machine-processed and sold in bulk form suitable for high value extraction. The drying, processing and packaging of our various products will take place at our medical cannabis drying facility, which has been constructed on site at Kēkerengū.

Waihopai Valley

Puro's research and indoor growing site is nestled in a quiet area of the Waihopai Valley in Marlborough.

Construction of our research facility at Waihopai was completed in September 2020. The facility will enable us to undertake market leading research and ensure our products are among the best in the world.

Puro has been granted its research facility licence at Waihopai along with our commercial cultivation licence for our breeding facility.

At Waihopai, Puro will grow cultivars with low THC, high CBD and an equal mix of THC and CBD.

We will hand harvest and boutique-dry manicured premium dried flower, sell other parts of the plant for extraction, and export our premium seeds.