Our plans

Puro are set to produce the sauvignon blanc of cannabis.

Through hard work and great people we are on track to become the first company to grow both low-THC medical cannabis and hemp in Marlborough.

We have secured two premium sites:

• 25 hectares at Winterhome farm in Kekerengu
• 9.4 hectares in Waihopai Valley, with the option to expand this to 33.5 hectares

Our sites give us the capacity to become New Zealand’s largest grower of medical cannabis and industrial hemp.

Maori refer to the Marlborough region as "Kei Puta te Wairau" - The place with the hole in the cloud.

We handpicked this region for its high sunshine hours, intense UV ratings, and its clean environment. Couple that together with rich soils and a unique micro-climate give us the perfect locations. Marlborough already produces some of the world’s finest food and wine, our product will be equally world-class.

The region is also home to enormous horticulture and farming expertise, with vibrant and passionate communities. We are excited about the opportunity of forming partnerships at all levels of the existing industries and supporting the local economy.

We will be ready to launch into commercial cultivation when the law allows, and have already signed contracts with pharmaceutical companies to buy our crops.


Winterhome has been farmed by the Macfarlane family for more than 130 years - it is a privilege to be able to access 25 hectares of this special place.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, its elevated coastal property provides a very special microclimate well suited to growing low-THC hemp in the open air. We are extremely excited to have planted our first crop in December 2019.

Significant research has shown this coastal site receives a gentle salt spray from the ocean, benefits of which have been proven to help significantly with plant health.

Through superior growing methods and market leading seed genetics we will be growing some of the most sought after Hemp in the country.

Waihopai Valley

Destined to become Puro's research headquarters, this 9 hectare property is currently part of an existing cherry orchard nestled in a quiet area of the Waihopai Valley in Marlborough.

Plans are underway to establish research research facilities and laboratories on this site. This will enable us to undertake market leading research ensuring our products are among the best in the world.

Marlborough has some of the highest UV rates and boast an average of 2,457 sunshine hours per year, we intend to establish an indoor crop of medical cannabis in high security greenhouses. The key features of the region mean we have the ability to grow on an intensive scale but at the same time in a sustainable manner.