Puro set to produce ‘the Sauvignon Blanc’ of cannabis

1 November 19

Medical cannabis is set to become Marlborough’s next Sauvignon Blanc. With its unique microclimate and high sunshine hours, medical cannabis has the potential to play a big part in Marlborough’s future. 

Here’s five reasons Puro is perfectly placed to lead the medical cannabis revolution:

1. It’s legal for Puro to grow

Puro has been granted a research licence to grow medical cannabis in Marlborough. We are the first medical cannabis company in New Zealand to have an approved cannabis licence prior to conducting a PledgeMe crowdfunding campaign. 

2. Our land has the perfect microclimate

We have secured two premium growing sites in Marlborough where we will grow both medical cannabis and LOW-THC hemp.

Our two sites are blessed with long sunshine hours and high UV ratings – conditions similar to those in California. Coupled with unique topography and richly fertile land, our international botanists are truly excited. They tell us we have the recipe for growing what they believe will be among the world’s most highly-sought after medical cannabis and industrial hemp. 

Marlborough already produces some of the world’s premium food and wine. We want to add medical cannabis to the list. 

3. We have a great team

We’ve worked hard to assemble a team with tremendous business acumen and expert research capability – experts in the industry. This will be supplemented by world-leading agricultural expertise to ensure our crops are high-yield.

4. Buyers – we have them! 

There is a massive worldwide market for medical cannabis and low-THC hemp. Before we’ve even sown a seed we already have purchase agreements in place with seven Australian and New Zealand buyers. 

5. Two products

Puro will be one of the first companies in New Zealand to grow both medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Cultivating two plant varieties across two distinct sites gives Puro access to two unique markets, and two distinct income streams.

We will also be one of the few companies selling our products as either dried flower or extracted oil.

Join us

We are on the eve of launching a PledgeMe campaign - we’re looking for investors to join us on this exciting journey. We’re planning to raise $2 million in crowdfunding and another $2 million in a wholesale offer to get us started. Invest in Puro and help us grow.