Join our investment waiting list and help us grow

23 December 20
Join our investment waiting list and help us grow

New investment opportunities are coming - join the wait list

Fresh from planting 10 hectares of medicinal cannabis at our Kekerengu farm, and becoming New Zealand’s biggest grower in the process, Puro will soon be undertaking our second capital raise.

The money raised will be used to renovate our breeding facility and purpose built glasshouses at our Waihopai site. The facilities will enable us to produce the highest quality cannabis flowers from our premium cultivars, and provide a nursery and breeding facility to continuously improve the genetics of our crops.

 Here’s 10 reasons to join the waiting list to invest in Puro: 

  1. Deep cultivation expertise
    There is a depth of agronomy experience within Puro and systems in place to optimise production.

    Our talented cultivation team includes global authority on cannabis cultivation Tom Forrest (Australian Churchill Fellowship recipient) and Guy Randall (who grew hemp in the final year of his Analytical Forensic Science & Botany degree and is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in cannabis genetics).

    Artificial intelligence is being used to provide us with real-time data which we’re using to determine the optimum time to plant, irrigate, feed, protect and harvest our crop.

  2. Organic and sustainable
    Puro will be one of very few companies globally growing organically, providing us with a significant competitive advantage.
    We are currently in the process of organic certification, are growing under organic protocols,and we’re committed to meeting the World Health Organization’s guidelines on good agricultural and collection practices (GACP) for medicinal plants.

  3. Two premium sites
    Puro has two premium growing sites in Marlborough, handpicked for their high sunshine hours and intense UV ratings. This is important as the greater the sunshine hours and UV light, the more cannabinoids and flavonoids get produced.

  4. Space to grow
    Puro can scale up production to become one of Australasia’s largest cultivator of premium medicinal cannabis. We have 9 hectares under lease at Waihopai for growing indoors, and 25 hectares under lease for outdoor growing at Kekerengu.

    We can expand significantly with the use of additional adjacent land – we have an additional 33 hectares available to us at Waihopai and 80 hectares of flat land available at Kekerengu.

  5. Research that gives us the edge
    Puro has designed a comprehensive research programme that will enable us to identify the optimum growth conditions and agronomic practices necessary to implement a globally best-in-class cultivation facility. Our research will allow us to identify high potency strains, develop our intellectual property, and offer unique cultivars to the global market.

  6. Licenced to grow
    Puro is licenced by the Ministry of Health to cultivate medicinal cannabis commercially at both our indoor and outdoor sites.

  7. Staged approach
    To ensure the successful delivery of our plans, we are purposely taking an adaptive staged approach to cultivation, with each facility acting as a nursery and stepping stone for the following facility. The approach helps with risk minimisation, cost containment and supports operational efficiencies.

  8. Exceptional leadership team
    Our Strategic Advisory Group provide us with expertise across international trade, sales and distribution, the pharmaceutical industry and regulations, governance and leadership, cannabis cultivation and agribusiness.
    We have a formidable operational team, and have also teamed up with leading international cannabis cultivation experts and researchers so we can be the best.

  9. Access to global markets
    New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (the New Zealand Government’s international business development agency) is assisting Puro to secure export opportunities worldwide, with a focus on European, North American and Asian markets.

  10. A track recorded of getting it done
    In 2020 we planted our first medicinal cannabis crop at our Kekerengu farm – making us New Zealand’s largest grower. We’ll be harvesting in March 2021, drying onsite, and selling to domestic and international buyers.

In early 2021 we will be undertaking our second capital raise so we can begin construction of our breeding and growing facility at Waihopai. 

Our 2019 PledgeMe campaign was oversubscribed, breaking the Australasian crowdfunding record in the process. To avoid missing out this time please register your interest in helping us grow at