Eight reasons to invest in Puro

25 March 21

Why invest in Puro? Here's eight quick reasons.


1.     We’re already growing – and we’re growing on a large-scale

Puro is leading the industry here in New Zealand.  We are growing New Zealand’s largest medical cannabis crop and have built the country’s biggest drying facility.


2.     Our business plan is smart

We’ve carved out a niche to grow and breed specialist medical cannabis and supply high-value ingredients to manufacturers in New Zealand and offshore.


3.     We’re mitigating risk

Our two sites will operate different growing systems – one indoors and one outdoors, which provides two income streams and protects future profits.


4.     We’re naturally advantaged

We handpicked our sites for their microclimates, high sunshine hours and intense UV ratings. These enable greater production of the cannabinoids and flavonoids which are sought after by global manufacturers.


5.     We will be organic

Once fully certified, we expect to be one of very few organic growers in the world.  We are currently growing under organic protocols and are in the process of gaining organic certification, with our first audit completed.


6.     Deep-rooted knowledge

Our team contains global experts in medical cannabis production. Our cultivation director, Tom Forrest, is an Australian Churchill Fellowship recipient who has spent time at more than 50 licensed operations in 10 different countries. He is an Australasian authority on medical cannabis cultivation.


7.     We have market connections

We have formed relationships with a number of potential buyers in New Zealand, Australia and further afield. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (the New Zealand Government’s international business development agency) is helping us boost our global presence through identifying and securing additional export opportunities.


8.     Future-proofed

Our growing sites are large and we have room to grow at both locations so our potential will not be constrained.