Puro to appoint first ever Chief Executive

2 February 22

At Puro we’ve been planning to recruit for a specialised CEO for some time. Now the time is right.

We’re looking for a high-calibre individual to lead Puro into the future and to drive aspirational growth in this exciting industry.

Puro’s Managing Director Tim Aldridge, along with his leadership team, has been at the helm of Puro since its inception. Under his leadership Puro has broken new ground, smashed existing records, and has firmly established itself at the leading edge of the medical cannabis industry in Australasia.

Puro was granted the first ever commercial licence under NZ’s Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, has raised more than $10 million (breaking Australasian crowd-funding records), has built major infrastructure (such as New Zealand’s largest medical cannabis drying facility) and has recently achieved organic certification for its outdoor crops, making Puro the only commercial grower of certified organic medical cannabis in Australasia (and one of the largest in the world).

To top it off, Puro was named Cultivator of the Year at the 2021 Australian Cannabis Awards.

“It’s been an incredible journey and I am so proud of the Puro team, who have embodied our vision to grow the world’s best medical cannabis. I’ve always known that Puro would out-grow me, and we’ve reached that. Now is the time to recruit a specialised CEO to support me and Puro’s leadership team to take Puro into the future,” says Tim.

Tim will continue as Puro’s Managing Director and says he’s there for the long haul.

“I will continue to stand beside Puro and its shareholders, taking an external view of the business as it continues to grow and excel in this pioneering industry.”

For more information about the search for Puro’s CEO click here.